Invention of new technologies has had a profound effect on the way we live and communicate and also can promote global business. Although we live through a Digital Revolution, but attempting to understand new technologies can be daunting.

RELICMAIL technology explains initiative aims to belief the myths among new technology and devices, and to explore various journeys and possibilities that will propel us in an ever-changing technology-driven world. We live in a world where devices and applications deliver an increasing volume of information technology which is constantly evolving, and hence there is a constant flurry of new trends to keep abreast with.

The technical expertise of RELICMAIL makes us the leading solutions provider in India. We offer services in a wide range of technology - ranging from Open Source to Microsoft platforms, Rich Internet Media and various mobile platforms. Following are the list of platform and technology in which we offer services and the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes - especially in industries.

As digital citizens, we live in a world where devices and applications deliver an increasing volume of information, faster, in more forms and available when we choose to consume or create, publish and share it with the rest of the world.

Web Technologies


Web Application Frameworks

Angular JS Yii Code Igniter Node JS

Content Management System

Wordpress OpenCart Custom CMS Magento

Mobile Application Development

Android IPhone Windows Phone Gap

Social Media integration

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