About Us

We are a leading IT solutions and software development company in India

RELICMAIL is an Integrated Applications Consulting and Development Company with Headquarters in Madhya Pradesh, The Heart of India! We prompt our customers on the innovation scene, accomplices with them to make a concentrated long haul procedure and executes that methodology over every single significant stage and working frameworks. From Plain Customer Purpose application to Complex Business Enterprise Initiatives… we know it all !
Whatever your clients need to do, they hope to hear that "there's an application that can transform the way their existing process runs”. The team needs consistent and flexible tools to connect and mange customers and data. So they need a software application that just works, against all odds, between devices, regardless the number of individuals utilizing it, Quality outline that makes it simple with solid bolster and offcourse with no down time. That is exactly that we work on!

At RELICMAIL, thus we concentrate on practical experience in business process orientation through custom developments utilizing free and open source technology for Application Development. This implies that by and large, the knowledge used in building Innovative Applications are free from permitting expenses. The Applications thus built are customary for clients depending on their business industry, target audience and other global parameters. All this is done in light of regular correspondence between our creating group and your business group through online meetings, call conferences, interactive discussion and end to end Documentation. Lastly, we deliver your product, it comes with the flexibility to manage and update your application in-house as per your business requirements.

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